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Three Lessons Small Children Taught Me About Being A Grown-Up

So often these days we’re looking for leaders, for people to learn from, to look up to – here me out, we should be looking up to the littlest people amongst us. What are the lessons we can learn from small children? What can they teach us about the world around us and the nature of being a grown-up?

On Banking: What’s Good For One Of Us, Isn’t Always What’s Good For All Of Us

It’s a classic adage that many people with children mention but it rings true: what’s right for one child may not be right for the other. Where one kid might need to be encouraged to take a risk another may need to be cautioned and watched constantly so they don’t leap from the top of a staircase trying to fly! The right approach for one child is seldom the right approach for another. 

Weirdly enough, the same can be said about credit cards. Think about it, what approach did you take when choosing your current credit card? Why did you choose it? Was it the one your parents had? Was it the default option recommended by the bank? Maybe you picked your credit card carefully to suit the needs you had when you first applied for it but the reality is the card that suited your needs a few years ago probably wouldn’t also suit your needs now. There are many different types of credit cards on the market: low-rate cards, balance transfer cards, low annual fee cards, cards linked to rewards or frequent flyer schemes. You’ll need to do some research to find out which card matches your current needs, you can read more about different types of credit cards here

On Learning: ‘But Why?’ 

Why is the sky blue? Where do ducks sleep? How long does a butterfly live? Do bees fly at night? Spend time with any toddler and before long it’ll feel like the Spanish Inquisition. Kids are curious about everything but, and this is to their credit and is something that I wish grownups would do more, more than just wanting the answers to things they want to understand why things are the way they are. As the world becomes increasingly complex, the ‘but whys’ of the world have never been more important. So keep learning, keep asking ‘but why?’ Kids never stop learning and neither should we. Check out further learning opportunities here

On Love: You Never Knew It Before

Every parent talks about the moment they first saw their children and the tidal wave of emotion that washed over them. They felt love, of course, after all, any parent will tell you that they never knew what love was until they held their child.  They felt devotion and an instant seismic shift in their priorities. The wisdom is clear, when you become a parent everything is suddenly put into perspective and the little things that used to upset you did not really matter at all.

Looking for proof? In the love episode of the Netflix documentary “Babies” Dr Ruth Feldman, the Director of the Centre for Developmental Social Neuroscience at the IDC Herzlia examines the biology behind relationships between children and parents. She studied the role of oxytocin in parent-child bonding. Collecting samples before and after childbirth, they found that oxytocin in mothers rises during pregnancy and stays after birth. When mothers and babies touch each other the oxytocin in both rose, promoting bonding. Today, parent-child relationships are much more than just mother-child with fathers, same-sex parents, single parents, working parents, adoptive parents playing just as active of a role in parenting. The studies showed that even if a parent did not give birth to their child their oxytocin levels still spike as they bond. Babies feel love, they develop with success physically and mentally. The science explained in the episode found that the levels of oxytocin were identical in all parents and that the surge of love and happiness came from parenting rather than giving birth. You really never knew love like this before.

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