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Top 5 Benefits of a Retreat

Given that you most likely only get between 2 and 6 weeks of paid annual leave a year, making good use of this time to relax, recharge and nourish yourself, is key. Sure, cocktails by the pool and late nights out partying can be fun, but those types of holidays can leave you feeling more depleted than before you left. Here are the 5 benefits of a retreat:

1. You’ll relax, completely

Health retreats have been specifically designed with your relaxation in mind. From the ambience of the accommodation, the activities included (for example yoga or meditation) to the fact that once you arrive, everything has been organised for you; a retreat means that you can consciously dedicate this time to simply let go and relax fully.

relax on a retreat

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2. You’ll reconnect with Mother Nature

Did you know that simply by living in an urban environment without access to the natural world, we are actually increasing our risk of depression, anxiety and stress? The beauty of nature is deeply healing and inspiring and something that all humans need to reconnect with from time to time. Most retreats are set in sublime natural settings –from mountains to tropical beaches, jungle or forests. Bliss.

relax on a retreat

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3. You’ll meet like-minded souls

Magic happens when like-minded people get together with a common purpose in mind. I have witnessed and been part of this first-hand, on the retreats I run. A certain group energy takes over and deep conversations and new friendships and connections blossom quickly and often continue long past when everyone has returned home.

make new friends on a retreat

4. You are dedicating time to your own wellbeing and self-care

The modern quick-fix, ‘give me a magic pill’ approach to healthcare is on its way out, as a society we are starting to realise that prevention is key and that it is up to us to take responsibility for our own wellbeing through the lifestyle choices that we make. Many retreats place a large emphasis on wellness activities, with healthy meals, exercise, rest, massages and fun often on the agenda. Whether you go on a meditation retreat, yoga retreat, surfing retreat or generally nourishing health retreat, this act of taking yourself on a retreat is a profound act of self-care to help keep you in truly tip-top condition.

retreats are the ultimate act of selflove and selfcare

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5. You’ll get a new perspective

Travel can be a brave confrontation of yourself. Away from the stresses and distractions from everyday life, you have a real chance for self analysis and reflection – especially on yoga and meditation retreats. During the retreats I have led, I have had the honour of witnessing many people find the perspective they need while in far-flung places. They have found the courage to set new goals, let go parts of their lives that are no longer working for them, and make life-changing decisions.

Set new goals, make a fresh start

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There are so many styles of retreats to pick from such as wellness retreats, yoga retreats and spiritual retreats. They will most likely contain similar features, so it’s really about identifying why you are going, and then select the retreat that to ticks the most boxes.  So, where will you be going on your next retreat?

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