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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him & Her

If you truly love and care for your Valentine, gift them something that’s good for their wellbeing.

A box of Cadbury chocolate is not doing any good to anyone, anywhere. At least get Loving Earth or Pana Chocolate! Pana even does a Valentine’s Day Box.

Here are our top gift ideas that will ensure you give your Valentine the gift of health, wellness & above all, go some way to show your love. We’ve broken this Valentine’s Day gift guide into ‘gift ideas for Him’ and a ‘gift ideas for Her’. Starting with the latter:

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

If you think your Valentine would love one of these, order it pronto. Or if it’s you who want’s something from this list, share this guide with your lover right now, along with a big fat hint at exactly what you want.

1. Boho-Chic Fashion

spell dress valentines day gift guide

It’s virtually impossible that she’ll dislike a purchase you make from Spell & The Gypsy Collective. Think flowing dresses, bohemian accessories, gorgeous lingerie and swimsuits that when wearing, one feels like nothing less than a bohemian goddess. Shop their new arrivals here (or click the image above if it’s that exact dress that you want). The pieces aren’t cheap, though the brand focuses on sustainability and ethical production (see the People & Planet section on the website for more details), making it an absolute worthwhile purchase.

2. Healthy Cookbooks

cookbooks valentines day gift guide

If your sweetheart is the kind that says they love being in the kitchen, that they love cooking, that cooking is their meditation or that cooking is their creative outlet, then grab them a cookbook already! Get this one by Lola Berry here, or view the full range of cookbooks here.

3. Organic Skin Care

clean beauty valentines day gift guide

If your valentine is obsessed with their skin and big on skin care, then get her this special kit curated by best selling author and wellness influencer, Sarah Wilson – grab it here. Or, shop the full range of organic skin care packs here. Alternatively, you really can’t go wrong with Frank Body Scrub. Over 2 million babes have fallen in love with Frank for good reason. Check it out :).

4. Kefir & Kombucha Maker 

kefir & kombucha making kit

If your valentine spends a fortune buying kombucha from cafes and stores, it’s time you gifted them with both some fun & future savings! This kit is super easy to use (read the reviews for yourself, here) and allows you to make kombucha, milk kefir, water kefir, coconut water kefir, coconut milk kefir & almond kefir. Learn more about what’s in the kit and purchase it here.

5. Lip Nourishment

lipstick valentines day gift guide

If your lover likes to wear a spot of colour on her lips, then this trio includes 3 gorgeous shades, it’s packaged in a cute box with a tag, it’s made in Australia and it’s cruelty free! Grab this perfect gift set here.

6. Activewear

activewear valentines day gift guide

If she lives in lycra, you can’t go wrong with new activewear. Shop Showpo’s activewear here (or click the image above, if that’s the activewear you want). These active tights made with bamboo are pretty awesome too! P.S. Click here to enter, for your chance to win a chic activewear set from Showpo.

7. Wellbeing Tracker

wellness tracker valentines day gift guide

Is health & fitness a passion of your valentine’s? If yes, support that passion by gifting them this wellness tracker. It tracks exercise undertaken, calories burnt, steps taken, sleep patterns, period and fertility. They can also set their own goals and use this to keep on track. It even has a built-in guided meditation, and a SMART ALARM to wake them up and remind them to take their vitamins. Read more about what this is and how it works here.

8. Organic Teas

organic teas valentines day gift guide

If your valentine loves cups of tea the way kids love cake then this my friend is a thoughtful gift. Find out out more about (or purchase) this range of wellness teas here. Tip: To complete this gift, pair it with the valentine’s day box of chocolates by Pana Chocolate (purchase it here).

9. Essential Oils

essential oils valentines day gift guide

Especially perfect for the spiritual soul, the Hanako Therapies Heart Kit is perfect for supporting emotions of the heart such as heartbreak, loss, trauma, and relationship difficulties. This pack is a beautiful gift for anyone who you want to gift unconditional love and support.

10. Intimates

intimates valentines day gift guide

If your lover feels her best in lacy intimates, then this is it. This piece is feminine, elegant and sexy all-in-one. Get it here or view the full collection of intimates here.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

Again – If you think your Valentine would love one of these gifts, order it pronto. If it’s you who want’s something from this list, flick it to your lover along with a big fat hint at exactly what you want – right now!

 1. Beard Oil

beard oil valentines day gift guide

If your man has a beard, whether or not he has some beard oil already, this should be in his gift pack from you. This Cedar + Stone Frankincense & Baobab Beard Oil for Men contains a range of hydrating and vitamin-rich oils, including Frankincense, Baobab and Pomegranate, and is formulated to keep beards looking healthy and well-conditioned. Read more about the benefits and how to use it here. Alternatively, check out The Bearded Cap – Trilogy Set (it contains beard oil, beard balm & moustache wax!).

2. Crew Neck T-Shirt

bamboo t-shirt valentines day gift guide

Because a guy can never have too many t-shirts, right?! This one isn’t just your average t-shirt though. This BOODY t-shirt is slim-fitting without being tight, super-comfortable, and ideal to wear either on its own or as an extra layer of warmth without weight. The soft, eco-friendly organic bamboo fabric is breathable, hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking and thermo-regulating, which means it helps to keep your man at a comfortable temperature all day, and is also anti-odour, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal etc! Plus, it’s eco-friendly and ethical, being made from organic bamboo—the fastest-growing renewable and water-conserving plant on earth. Purchase it here.

3. Protein Ball Mix

protein ball mix

Nourish and energise his (and your) body with the Chocolate & Chia Fit Foodie Protein Ball Mix. A perfect boost to the immune system this delicious goodie mix is made from Natural Almond, Oats, Chia Seeds and Raw Cacao Powder. Maybe you can make them in advance as a surprise, or have fun making them together!

4. Man Brew

man brew skin juice valentines day gift idea

The Skin Juice Man Brew 2 Pack contains a cleanser and moisturiser for men. Forming a simple and effective skin care routine for men, these products are a full strength formulation for the ultimate in men’s skin care. Key ingredients include: Aloe Vera, Apricot Kernel Oil, Coconut Oil, Geranium, Vitamin E and Ylang Ylang. Buy it here.

5. Mens Multi

men's multi valentines day gift idea

Amazonia Raw Prebiotic Men’s Multi is a wholefood formulation of superfoods, prebiotics, fermented ingredients, and organic greens and grasses specifically designed to support men’s daily health. This is seriously the multi of all multis – read more about it here. If your man likes taking supplements and caring for his health then by buying this, you’ll be doing a good thing.

There you have it – Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him & her. If you think your Valentine would love one of these, order it pronto. If it’s you who want’s something from this list, flick it to your lover with a big fat hint at exactly what you want, right now!

P.S. Who do you know that may find this gift guide helpful? Be a pal and share it with them now.

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