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Ways to Create a Peaceful Garden

How many of us are guilty of buying or renting a property specifically because we enjoyed the look of the available outdoor space, only to neglect the garden indefinitely in favour of spending our time and money on decorating the interior. Yeah, it’s a lot of us. But here’s the thing. If we really stuck to our mission of creating a garden space in which we could relax, life would be that much more palatable.

Overhauling a garden space isn’t easy. That’s 100% of the reason why so many of us put it off. You’ll need a plan, and materials, and time. You’ll also need hard-wearing clothes to make sure you are protected while retaining freedom of movement (for example, check out these work pants). With the work clothes taken care of, we can get started on implementing our designs for our all-new mindful relaxation garden areas.

Task 1 – Tidy up (before you begin to plan)

A largely unused garden space tends to become overgrown and unrecognisable well within a year. Pathways and lawns that once looked neat and tidy can start to look shabby and downright unattractive. Spend the time trimming back your hedges, your trees, your bushes, and your grass. If you have a mound of earth that you need to level off before you can plan your garden, this is your time to sort things out. Also, remove anything you don’t want in your garden. Things like dilapidated sheds or rockeries, or even clothes washing lines that dominate the landscape in a central position. Once everything is stripped right back to a bare starting point, we can begin.

Task 2 – Plan your features

Gardens without features aren’t gardens. They’re miniature fields. A rectangle of grass that terminates with a few potted plants under a window sill is no way to go about installing a mindfulness garden. What you have there is a formal patch of grass that wouldn’t look out of
place in front of an office building. You need features. Think about seating and furniture, decking, water features, pathways, gravel areas, thick lush shrubbery, space, and shade. If you want your relaxation area to contain nothing more than a fire pit and a pond so that you can make open plan use of the rest of the space, that’s fine. But don’t overlook features – they’re the primary way to add interesting focal points to the outdoor space in which you plan to spend your free time.

Task 3 – Attract wildlife

How do you feel about birds? What about caterpillars and butterflies? Are you a fan of furry little critters that burrow, nibble, and gnaw at your garden? A garden without wildlife can look stale. You don’t have to lay on a nightly backyard buffet to attract all things squawking and howling. Simple things like wood piles and birdhouses can help bring movement and flashes of exotic colour to your garden. Without the animals, your garden is going to look clinical and photoshopped. It’s certainly worth considering for anyone hoping to create a mindful space.

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