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CLOSED: Win a month’s worth of AQUAhydrate

COMPETITION CLOSED: Enter now: Simply tell us in 25 words or less why you need this prize. Use the comment section below to submit your answer… Good luck! 

Winner: Chris

Answer: “People used to call me grape, now they call me raisin. Hydrate me please, so I can become my old self again” – nobody wants Chris to be called a raisin, right?!

What’s the prize pack?

  • 1 x case of AQUAhydrate 500ml bottles (24 bottles) – valued at over $75
  • 1 x aluminium sports drink bottle and 1 x gym towel – valued at $30

Competition Details:

  • Start: 9am, Thursday 16th July 2015.
  • Close: Midnight, Sunday 16th August 2015
  • One entry per person.
  • Winner will be notified via email and announced on this page before midnight 17th August, 2015. If winner does not fully accept prize within 21 days, we will draw a new winner.
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Got to get your hands on AQUAhydrate sooner? It’s available now at Priceline, Healthy Life, CSA and selected IGA stores.

Carly Taber
Carly Taber Founder - CASA DE KARMA

Passionate about creating impact, income & freedom, Carly is a Business Strategist & Coach for Wellness Entrepreneurs by day. When she’s not working with ambitious entrepreneurs, you’ll find her practicing yoga, relaxing by the sea or enjoying a coffee with loved ones.

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  1. Being a new mum I’m always on the go and this prize will help me to stay hydrated throughout the day.

    1. Absolute perfection without much ado,
      AQUAhydrate is a dream come true.
      This amazing water is a wonderful guide to the promise of excellence waiting inside.

      1. AQUA hydrate is a gold medal winner,
        keeping me hydrated from breakfast till dinner.
        Longtime searching tried the rest,
        with AQUAhydrate I end my quest

  2. this will hydrate me and make look stylish whilst at gym and then flush all my toxins out daily after.Nice taste to this too

  3. AQUAhydrate is perfect for me, as my job involves a lot of heavy lifting and and running, it is basically a work out,

  4. I need water to survive, but it tastes quite bland. Aqua Hydrate gives water a little kick in the flavour pants .

  5. After sweating it out at the gym I need AQUAhydrate to replace all the fluids I had lost so I can continue my fitness quest.

  6. Just what I need to recover from ill health, get back on my feet and start enjoying life again to the fullest

  7. Living on a remote outback cattle station,
    Soaring temperatures call for hydration,
    AQUAhydrate my fitness salvation.

  8. Because I truly believe Mark Whalburg drinks this brand of water over all other brands and I need to work out why. He’s got plenty of money so it can’t be that. I guess it still can.

  9. (A)QUAhydrate
    (Q)uickest way to rehydrate
    (A)bsolutely undefeatable
    (H)ighly commended
    (Y)es, it’s recommended
    (D)rink of choice
    (R)eassuring voice
    (A)ddictively appealing
    (T)antalizing feeling
    (E)ssential healing

  10. (A)QUAhydrate
    (Q)uickest way to rehydrate
    (A)bsolutely undefeatable
    (H)ighly commended
    (Y)es, it’s recommended
    (D)rink of choice
    (R)eassuring voice
    (A)ddictively appealing
    (T)antalizing feeling
    (E)ssential healing

  11. Need to be more hydrated as I get older, AQUAhydrate should be included in my daily routine, realistically.

  12. Managing a household and a business, sometimes I am actually so busy that I forget to grab a drink!
    I really need all the help I can get to stay properly hydrated.
    Visions of Mark Wahlberg downing some AQUAhydrate might help me remember!

  13. Embarking on a fitness regime and, along with exercise and the right diet, the right hydrating solution with AQUAhydrate will help me achieve my healthier goals!

  14. I get terrible headaches when I forget to drink water. Life is busy but I need to set a good example for the kids especially when we hike.

  15. training for my first half marathon – need all the help I can get the make it through those last few kms’

  16. I need this prize to help prevent muscle cramping, enhance performance, restore balance and reduce symptoms of fatigue. Will also play a critical role in my bodies processes that are essential for living

  17. My wife is giving birth next month and being our first child, I want her to have best that water has to offer!

  18. My fitness career goal is to complete my first marathon. Easy for some, difficult for me. I need a lot of guidance and even more discipline and lots of AQUAhydrate!.

  19. My son would benefit the most with this wonderful prize
    so he can keep hydrated while working as a chef in our local
    restaurant gotta keep my gentle giant healthy

  20. I need AQUAhydrate because I like to keep hydrated with some quality H2O, also because Marky Mark is a babe!

  21. Must resist urge to tackle giant turtle and kiss Megan fox…see guys if I had Aqua hydrate I wouldn’t be delirious

  22. Being a teacher …. It’s stressful. Long tiring days, chasing kids, catching spit balls. That’s why I need AQUAhydrate to maintain performance, reduce fatigue and function (until xmas).

  23. I need it to keep in front of me all day while at nursing school. Have to keep the electrolytes up at all times due to a brain injury. I get headaches if I don’t drink enough.

  24. The chance to be hydrated plus look modern and cool is enough to put my hand up for this awesome prize.

  25. AQUAhydrate ticks all the boxes for maximum hydration, is supercharged with electrolytes and suitable before, during and after exercise and it’s sugarless!

  26. My 27 year old daughter needs this! She spent two nights in hospital last week, on a drip, suffering severe dehydration. She works long hours, keeps fit by attending the gym daily, but never stops to take time to look after her health properly. Winning this, she has NO excuse for dehydration to occur again. How ill she was, really opened BOTH our eyes, to the importance of correctly hydrating your body.

  27. As I drink water constantly, being a walker, I like the idea of ONLY the BEST hydration! Aquahydrate looks like the ONE!!!

  28. A months supply of AQUAHydrate would help me get through the rest of winter and kickstart my extreme fitness regime for summer.

  29. Since cancer I have used Nobles casked water in order to avoid the nasty components in our tap water. I have been much better since.

  30. The water where I volunteer tastes terrible to have a months worth of Aquahydrate will be a welcome enjoyment for me

  31. My active lifestyle demands AQUAhydrate
    Keeps me looking and feeling great
    fuels my performance ..balances and restores
    Helps me achieve those amazing scores!

  32. after a hard day rounding up sheep and moving them theres nothing better than a cold bottle of AQUAHydrate even my two dogs enjoy a bowl of cold water too

  33. I will stay hydrated with AQUA Hydrate,
    which will make me look and feel great,
    my skin will sparkle and shine,
    I’ll feel divine!

  34. Having just started on my fitness/weightloss journey, this is the perfect water supplement to keep me going, and getting rid of toxins will help.

  35. I am trying to exercise everyday so that i can be fit enough to star in a movie. This water will help my thirst.. 🙂

  36. I’m recovering from a tough, emotional family trip back to the UK and this product would help my immune system recover quicker.

  37. With working outdoors gardening my hydration levels need to be kept level as well as ensuring the family stays alert to theirs when playing sport

  38. I run 10kms each day along the best beach in the World, it is obvious that I need to hydrate with the best water in the World!

  39. We all know we should drink more water but it is especially difficult to remember in Winter. AQUAhydrate will give me that motivation.

  40. If Mark Wahlberg told me to jump off the Sydney Harbour bridge because AQUAhydrate was at the bottom, I would.

  41. I’m always on the lookout for water bottles that are easy to fit in my bag, carry in my hand and are super easy to drink water from easily.

  42. If Mark Wahlberg drinks it. I need to drink it. My heart loves Mark Wahlberg, and my brain and body love being hydrated.

  43. where I come from, tap water is hardly aqua, and definitely not hydrating, AQUAhydrate would be a nice change!

  44. I would love to stop drinking Cola and get onto water for my health! This would be a great motivation!! I need a new healthy addiction!

  45. When I want a drink of water I only want the best and in a bottle that’s Aqua Hydrate. Nothing else compares.

  46. I do not drink enough water, and especcially now that we are trying for a baby I need to remember to hydrate!

  47. AQuaHydrate
    My new favourite friend
    comes with me everywhere
    walking , driving even bike riding
    And next to my bed to keep me hydrated

  48. I get wicked cramps. Like, writhe and scream in pain. I’d like to stop drawing attention to it. Maybe this will help?

  49. I’m hooked on electrolyte drinks but wanna kick the sugar habit…
    A crate of AQUAhydrate would help me say “NO!” to sugar-filled sports drinks!

  50. I read somewhere how we should appreciate, be thankful in our prayers for water. How true! I thank everyday for replenishing, life preserving, cleansing water.

  51. I read somewhere about how we should thank for our water, in our prayers. How true! Replenishing, purifying, life preserving water. We are blessed.

  52. I choose Aquahydrate over a piece of cake – It doesn’t bloat my belly, and is not smelly like tap water. Aquahydrate is awesome!

  53. i work long hours normally in full direct sunlight , and normally long hours and days , and i just don’t have time to go to the local supermarket , it be really nice to have a water supply , as i’m normally dehydrated and its impacting my health

  54. Im a disability support worker with 2 small children so keeping hydrated is very hard, these would really help!!! 🙂

  55. i need to hydrate my life ! im a busy mum on the go – important to really focus on my health and wellbeing for my family

  56. A food intolerance sometimes results in losing too much fluid before I know it. Most electrolyte drinks are pretty horrible tasting, I’m really looking forward trying Aqua Hydrate. (for the right reasons)

  57. I’m finally learning to love and look after my body, and have realized how essential proper hydration is. This prize would be a huge help!

  58. My sister is OCD and will not drink tap water, her birthday is coming and I’d love some help being the best brother she has!

  59. Moving… I need to be hydrated, after plodding the streets going to house inspections, packing, I need to be hydrated again for the move and unpacking.

  60. Last year I lost 25kg and felt fabulous. I fell off the wagon and need to get back on it. This prize would help me be ready and able and I am looking forward to it!

  61. I need to make my partner drink more water and less soda. Maybe he’ll be inclined if I tell him Mark Wahlberg drinks it.

  62. Water is my life. I drink nothing but. Working long busy hours and going to the gym, aquahydrate would be perfect for my lifestyle.

  63. My son won’t drink tap water any more, he wants a distilling machine, a small one isn’t good enough, it has to be a big tank thing!

  64. I am a great believer in being hydrated well.. and with this great product.. I can see me doing it
    easily… love the bottle as well!!!!

  65. Such a busy active family, always running out the door to sports and having a months worth of AQUAhydrate would make life just that little bit easier

  66. I’m a breastfeeding new mama that has just started fitness training again and I’m losing fluids faster than Niagra Falls!!

  67. I have ‘tapaphobia’ – a legit fear of drinking tap water so this would be fantastic for me! Aqua Hydrate is perfect for post workout thirst quenching.

  68. I’m a busy working Mum. My water intake is poor so I need something with a bit more of a boost to keep me healthy.

  69. It’s totally tragic that I can eat healthy and try to be mindful and healthy but I don’t hydrate adequately. What’s with that???

  70. Being a busy mum, I always get the kids drinking water but forget to drink it myself! Would love to be spoilt with this hydration!

  71. I have recently started swapping other beverages in favour of water in a bid to make it my only drink. This would make drinking water a real treat.

  72. I drink a lot of water already, but not anything with electrolytes – I am on the move constantly and always feel tired – will have to try electrolytes. Thank you!!

  73. During winter months it’s easy to forget to keep hydrated. Having Aqua close by will certainly keep the hydration going.

  74. I’m a water guzzler and my current drink bottle is a nasty plastic one, it would be nice to have an upgrade with some perfectly balanced water to go along with it!

  75. healthy body 2nd to none,
    drinking AQUAhydrate is how it’s done.
    Hydrated body hassle free,
    I feel the difference others see!!

  76. After Gall Bladder problems , kidney and liver I’m having a healthy life and getting fit and this will help to keep me hydrate during my work out or in my runs

  77. Im trying to get fit and lose weight, trying to get off my backside and get into it.
    I need some drive, some inspiration, some hydration, a little boost and a boot.

  78. It’d be the best water for me to drink, especially after exercising. It’s the best tasting water to rehydrate my body any time!

  79. I have just started a new job as a driver after being unemployed for over 12 months. Spending long hours in the car makes me really dehydrated. AQUA water will really help.

  80. I’m puffing on the treadmill,
    Hoping to lose weight,
    I really need to safely rehydrate!
    Easy – with sugarless, electrolyte-rich AQUAhydrate!

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