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Share your favourite way to start the day. Submit your answer via the comments below and in 25 words or less. Be sure to use your active email address when submitting your answer – it’s how we’ll contact you if you’re the lucky winner.

Here’s what could be yours: 

  1. Hydrating and 100% natural coconut water from our friends at Raw C
  2. Paleo and vegan friendly muesli that’s packed with good fats and protein, from Forage
  3. Delish almond milk to pour over your muesli, from our friends at Pure Harvest
  4. Premium raw, vegan and organic lip balm from Hurraw! (If you haven’t yet tried this, you must!)
  5. Scrumptious selection of raw bars from Australia Superfood Co to have ready for your morning snack.
  6. Divine, organic herbal teas, rich in flavour and therapeutic benefit, from Pukka
  7. RAW Superfood mix to add to your breaky each day, from Republica Coffee
  8. Republica’s Signature Coffee Beans for that caffeine hit in the morning.

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  1. I love starting my day with a breakfast treat of pancakes! Made with muesli or grated apple they can still be healthy and taste delicious!

  2. I love starting each day with my chickens giving them sunflower seeds and some leafy greens. This is the most relaxing part of my day!

  3. A beach breakfast is a great start to my day, I leave with a feeling of fullness as my family and the setting are just beautiful.

  4. Light breakfast, yoghurt, fruit, toast with green tea in a relaxing enviroment, centre myself then start the day

  5. I love starting each day by going for a run before dawn in time to witness the sunrise and early morning surfers at the beach

  6. I love an early morning gym session then making a good coffee and a healthy breakfast of oats, chia seeds, fruit and honey!

  7. The best start to my day is my fresh apple and ginger juice! Without it the day just doesn’t seem right!

  8. I am up at 3 am Monday-Friday so I can fit in a decent gym workout before I have to go to work (yes,including winter)

  9. I like to sip a cup of tea, eat my muesli and read the paper on the veranda. It’s not everyday that I can be so leisurely.

  10. Always with a glass of water and positive thoughts. It’s incredible the impact positive thinking has.

  11. Rise and shine, an energising morning work out makes me feel sublime. Replenish and nourish with a delicious smoothie, feeling groovy.

  12. With a slow, whole-body stretch in bed, while I am still warm. Whilst easing out of bed, I repeat: “Today is a good day.”

  13. My favourite way to start the day is to wake with the sun, rehydrate and eat a nourishing low GI breakfast to keep me going.

  14. I am starting the day having a shower; and afterwards I am having a healthy and relaxed breakfast with my husband.

  15. open all the windows and doors and allow your home to be filled with fresh air, the best way to start the day.

  16. My favourite way to start the day would have to be a hot cup of tea in bed and alongside one of my feline companions!

  17. I start the nice with a nice big stretch and moan about having to get up, which is instantly soothed by kisses 🙂

  18. Waking up with the whole crew – hubby, cats and the kids.
    Great to be showered with cuddles and kisses first thing in the morning!

  19. A quick run to breath fresh air,
    followed by a shower and wash my hair…
    breakfast is always on the run,
    but a smoothie is the easiest one!

  20. after a brisk walk home to have a smoothie full of fresh fruit then shower and off to work revitalized to face the day

  21. A refreshing assortment of fresh fruits from the garden followed by an invigorating yoga workout on the beach. Namaste!

  22. A nice steaming mug of green tea followed by either a green smoothie or paleo banana pancakes topped with fresh berries and honey. An invigorating and refreshing way to start the day.

  23. My favourite way to start the day is by basking in the warm glow of sunshine alongside my cat, watching twittering birds among wattle trees .

  24. Relax by having a cup of camomile tea and listening to classical music on the radio before the madness of the day begins.

  25. Start with a 10 minute meditation followed by a 12k coastal run and a superfood smoothie bowl to replenish my body 🙂

  26. love to go for my morning walk sit down to a green tea and a bowl of home made muesli fresh fruit and yoghurt

  27. A brisk walk, cup of green tea, fresh fruit and yoghurt and then let the madness of life begin!! l need that me time

  28. Successfully hiding from my three crazily full-on young children just long enough to uninterruptedly consume at least one cup of coffee! 😀

  29. I love to watch the sun rise over the hill and i say how grateful i am to be alive to watch it happen

  30. Gratitude and love in my heart setting my daily intention filling it with love and light. Filling my soul then I fuel my physical.

  31. I love to pack in a few quick (organic) coffees first up… then a handful of brazil nuts, dried apricots, stawberries and hard boiled egg !

  32. I begin with a warm glass of filtered water with a slice of lemon, tumeric and ginger. It helps get everything going for the day!

  33. A nice cup of tea in bed with my husband , relaxes me before the craziness of the day begins, a few minutes of time out

  34. Waking up in Hawaii to breakfast being served in bed, meanwhile looking forward to a whole day of pampering! Haha maybe in my dreams!

  35. i start my morning with a bowl of muesli and enter afew competitions, nice to start the day dreaming of prizes you might win

  36. Throwing the windows open, fresh air. early morning jog, back for my shower and then my health breakfast!

  37. Going for a run and watching the sun come up, awesome experience and makes you feel so alive! (getting up is the hard bit)

  38. my favourite way to start the day is a hot cup of vanilla rooibos tea, and a bowl of slow cooked porridge!

  39. In summer an ocean swim followed by an acai smoothie and in winter an express workout and bowl of slow cooked oats and poached apples.

  40. Favourite way to start the day is a cup of coffee, followed by 30 minutes of cardio and stretching, and a hot shower!

  41. up with the singing bird
    Running before the world stirred
    shower and food
    Puts me in a good mood
    Off to work
    calm clerk

  42. My favorite way to start the day would be calm, relaxed and prepared. The reality is I resemble a skittish cat on illicit drugs..

  43. I love to start my day with a lemon and ginger tea with a dash of honey, great not just in winter, but all year round.

  44. I start my day with a big yawn after being up for the children all night, then we have cuddles on the couch and whilst they’re having breakfast I enjoy a big bowl of muesli and a fresh smoothie outside in the sunshine!

  45. Yoga in front of the rising sun puts everything into perspective first thing in the morning, then inside to cook up my daily fuel starter!

  46. Waking up slowly, reading for an hour and then sitting outside playing with my fluffy dogs and drinking mango juice.

  47. Footsteps and giggles coming down the hallway with my two beautiful jumping into my bed for cuddles before starting the day.

  48. Cardio, a plank or core work, then a hearty bowl of oats cooked in almond milk with seasonal fruits, nuts, and yogurt! Gets you in the right headspace for whatever life might throw at you

  49. Strutting some killer moves and singing (sometimes even air guitaring) to my favourite song is the best way to wake up.

  50. A beach breakfast is a great start to my day, I leave with a feeling of fullness as my family and the setting are just beautiful.

  51. I start every morning with a cup of hot water and lemon, usually followed by a workout and a hot shower — makes me feel ready to face any challenge, motivated, healthy and alive!

  52. Stretching in the morning sun, digital surfing for hints to greater wellbeing and connecting with precious life gives me an all day good feeling 🙂

  53. Warm water & honey, a yoga stretch, and then a loving hug from both my gorgeous wee boys starts my day everyday with a big smile!

  54. Love starting day with hugs and kisses from my three year old boy, then making breakfast together. Makes my morning!

  55. I start the day with a big glass of water, some lemon juice, an apple and if theres any in the fridge some Cocoyo.

  56. I always have ‘sole’ first thing in the morning!
    A full solution of himalayan pink salt, diluted in a litre of Blue Mountains spring water.
    It is so cleansing and hydrating – total game changer!

  57. Breakfast is my fave meal of the day, porridge with lots of seeds, nuts, coconut, fruit and local honey, yum!

  58. My mornings consist of feeding the cats and dogs, making lunches and then my brekky, a bowl of cereal. Then getting ready for work.

  59. Walking with my dog and best friend Shanti can’t be beat. Unless it’s cold, then we opt to cuddle in bed with a warm cuppa

  60. Start the day with a homemade smoothie including spinach, mint, strawberries, coconut water, and pineapple.

  61. My favourite way to start the day
    is with a cup of earl gray,
    with a kiss from my lover
    while staying warm under covers.

  62. start everyday with a swim in the ocean, to reinvigorate and awaken your body. A cup of green tea or lemon water for alkalising and the bring the body temperature up again.

  63. Im simple. I like making a flat white coffee and a huge bowl of cereal. While I enjoy those I like to complete the crossword in the paper.

  64. Hitting the snooze button a couple of times for extra cuddles with my fiance and my puppy. Or vacuuming to wake everyone up 😉

  65. With two young children, my favourite way to start the day would be a peaceful lie in with breakfast in bed. It doesn’t happen though.

  66. I start the day with F45 Training, then come home to a big hearty breakfast – that would be made better by this prize pack! 😉

  67. I wake up to my cat licking my face (who needs an alarm nowadays?) and my hubby making toasted cheese sandwiches and kale smoothies for breakfast!

  68. I love starting the day with a swim. Unfortunately can’t always make it to the beach so I have a swim in the bathtub instead.

  69. Making myself a cuppa to rise and shine which is then proceeded by my daily morning poop, the best part of course, before its followed by the mad rush to get ready for the horrid 8am lecture.

  70. I start the day with a banana smoothie and a single serve of my favorite vita weats perfect breakfast to tackle the day.

  71. Drinking some warm water, standing out in the sun and doing a little exercise to get the circulation going! Good for the soul!

  72. My alarm (aka my cat) wakes me. A quick stretch, warm water and lemon, an invigorating shower, coconut oats with chia and blueberries. Bliss!

  73. By opening the shutters and watching the sun while staying in bed for that little bit longer (usually the weekend) 🙂

  74. An orange and a green tea, while watching the sunrise from my back porch, is the best way to start the day

  75. I try to begin my day by thanking my body and loving myself, reminding myself I can handle whatever the day throws at me.

  76. A splash of cold water on the face, as my mother always said! And having a little boogie while getting dressed.

  77. With a cup of herbal tea, and a cuddle with my cat! Definitely the perfect way to start my day, with antioxidants and kitties!

  78. Honestly, my days always start with a blaring alarm clock and pressing snooze about ten times. AND COFFE AND FRUIT!

  79. With cuddles from my daughter followed by a big bowl of warm sugarfree brown rice pudding. Its like being hugged from the inside.

  80. My favourite way to start the day is with sunshine, excercise and nourishment! …a run along the hallett cove board walk soakimg up the vit d and warm breeze, followed by a cheeky smoothie and poached eggs at the organik cafe and some yoga

  81. My favourite way to start the day is going for a run early in the morning followed by some yoga (on the beach if it’s summer), then a nice healthy breakfast and smoothie before work.

  82. I start my day with a tablespoon of warm honey & cinnamon followed by cereal with fresh berries and yogurt and then a walk along the beach for 30 mins.

  83. I make myself a mug of chai and sit on the patio to read, it helps to shake off my dreams and organise my thoughts

  84. Steel cut oats, linseeds and chia seeds soaked overnight in Greek yogurt and Almond Milk. In the morning add grated apple, walnuts and extra yogurt.

  85. A bowl of cereal or weet bix.
    Accompanied by a cup of hot coffee.
    I can’t go with an empty tummy.
    As it leaves me ‘hangry’.

  86. Peppermint tea in the morning,
    Puts a smile on my face and stops my yawning!
    Its natural and sweet,
    Makes my life complete!

  87. A hug and a morning kiss from the hubby a drink of water with lemon juice, no rushing around just comfortably settling into the day.

  88. An ice cold pineapple and orange juice in the morning sunshine, while it’s still peaceful, before the mayhem begins. It’s ‘my time’.

  89. A brisk walk in the cold morning air, a little yoga, followed by a healthy protein rich breakfast, means I have a healthy, energetic day!

  90. with a brisk walk in the morning sun and the sound of the waves lapping on the shore and enjoy the sounds of nature and earth

  91. On the weekend – a walk with my husband, then he cooks poached eggs and sourdough toast – and my only coffee for the day!

  92. A quick cuddle with my partner (necessary for the happies) before I hop out and make some nourishing protien smoothies.. So tasty!

  93. I like to start my day eating superfoods (oats and banana )I like to feel superhealthy, supergood and superstrong as health is my priority

  94. Half a cup of smile
    One pinch of gratitude
    Two grams of positive thoughts
    Three spoonfuls of kindness
    There you have it, four ingredients for a happy morning and day.

  95. My favourite way to start the day is with a cup of tea and morning cuddles with our dog Mimi – she is such a smooch.

  96. Waking up and realizing kids have secretly got up and climbed in to bed with me without me realizing and are all now sound asleep

  97. I love to start the day with a walk in the sunshine with my dog Olive and family or friends followed by a delicious breakfast and a really nice coffee.

  98. I love starting the day with a healthy plate of pancakes and a cup of English Breakfast in my super-sized, butterfly tea cup! Fit for a princess 😉

  99. I rise 5-ish, tidy and dust(quietly), make school lunches, and as an apprentice chef, I relax practicing something new in the kitchen for breaky.

  100. I love starting my day by quietly walking into my 5 year old room, sliding into the bed next to him and tickling him awake so we can get ready together.

  101. A play session with my pups! They’re so happy to see me in the mornings it makes me giddy for the rest of the day.

  102. I love waking up early and go out for a walk with my dog. Then breakfast with the all family when I’m back! 🙂

  103. The best way to rise and shine is an invigorating breakfast of Forage muesli with Pure Harvest almond milk. Delicious nourishment free from toxins and animal cruelty!

  104. on an absolutely perfect day i’d walk from 5-7. for brekky I like to squeeze half a lemon, and add a teaspoon of honey to a black tea, and eat muesli with dried fruit (apricot, coconut, raisins) with nuts and fresh strawberry all in a bowl with skim milk. When not dieting I may make boiled eggs and toast as well with porridge (eating all these and a piece of fruit when bodybuilding)

  105. A raw smoothie with fresh fruit, vegetables, super powders, nuts and seeds, this gets every cell in my body energised indeed!

  106. Love, love, love all the goodies shown in the Casa De Karma ‘Nourishing Rise and Shine Pack’! They help me through my very busy days!!

  107. I love to start my day with cuddles from my baby daughter and tummy time with mum, looking into her big brown eyes is priceless.

  108. By opening up the curtain straightaway so that the natural light wakes me up – it always makes me feel much happier throughout the day!

  109. Get to the gym in morning,
    When you can’t stop yawning.
    It’s too busy at the end of the day,
    Get it out the way!

  110. Up, bathroom, kitchen for a cup of tea, walk outside to see the day,thank God for my life and head back into the devils playground to start the day.

  111. I start the day with a ten minute stretch session beside my bed.
    A glass of tap water and a apple for breakfast. Done this for 50 years now.

  112. I have fresh flowers on my bedside table so I start my day looking at something beautiful. A green juice, then I’m out the door.

  113. I cannot tell a lie, I delay the day and watch clouds drift by. Hit multiple snooze and crawl to my coffee machine.

  114. I love to start my day with cuddles with my two daughters, while we discuss what we are looking forward to that day.

  115. With a sense of impending doom. But I pause, I have Pukka, some muesli and I feel better. Not good, but alive.

  116. I like to give myself a few minutes of stillness which flows into the positivity and calmness that leads me to succeed in my day.

  117. After an invigorating gym session, the reward of coffee and organic oats or museli topped with fruit sets me up for the day.

  118. If I have the time I start with some yoga stretches, some fruit, yoghurt and nuts and a freshly squeezed OJ or some lemon tea.

  119. I start the day making nana icecream, topped off with berry oat clusters. I enjoy this while watching my favourite tv show, The Office.

  120. To the sound of the kid’s laughter, the manic mess of the kitchen as they get ready for school and then that ten minutes out in the sunshine on my deck with my hot Earl Grey after they’ve all left for the day. Bliss.

  121. My favourite way to start the day is having cuddles in bed with my babies, followed by an almond milk latte. Bliss!

  122. I like to wake up to a cold shower to get me moving! Summer or Winter improves blood circulation and increases my immune system.

  123. My favourite way to start the day, is just a few quiet minutes. I try to reflect with gratitude and then focus on what I need to accomplish. It never fails to start me with joy and a positive attitude.

  124. Coconut Water Smoothie with Mango, Banana and Strawberries. It’s a BERRY happy BLENDING and I love being a WHIZZ in the kitchen!

  125. My love of muesli is such,
    nightly I look forward so much,
    to breakfast of muesli with yoghurt and berries,
    so delicious, this rarely varies! 😉

  126. I’m not the world’s greatest sleeper, so I just spend those last few moments in my bed, visualising how I want my day to unfold. By the time I reach the kitchen I’m ready to start the day with my home made bircher. I like to keep it simple but it works for me.

  127. I love starting my day with a breakfast treat of pancakes! Made with muesli or grated apple they can still be healthy and taste delicious!

  128. I start the day with an all over cactus bristle brush. It sheds the dry skin cells from overnight and instantly triggers great bloodflow.

  129. Need a little help, roll out of bed with a yelp. Milo, shower, brush my hair, run through the office door no time to spare.

  130. Created a mood board filled with inspiring quotes; happy photos; things I’ve collected; incredible colours – looking at it every morning fills me with energy!

  131. The perfect way to start my day is an early morning workout when the sun rises, followed by a healthy, delicious breakfast!

  132. Kiss my wife, kiss my baby, do some yoga, eat a nutritious breakfast, converse with wife on days activities, depart home with hugs and kisses.

  133. I love sneaking out of bed before my five kids awaken for five minutes of silent bliss to enjoy a coffee before chaos begins.

  134. I start my day with a big smile a I make black coffee blended with organic butter and coconut oil yummy yummy.

  135. Old fashioned oats, sweetened with stevia and topped with brazil nuts, hazel nut, chia seed , goji berries and my favourite Republica coffee: New York!

  136. I wake up before my family to enjoy a hot & steamy coffee alongside wholegrain toast with tuna, avocado & cottage cheese, yes please!

  137. I sip warm lemon, ginger water and enjoy yoga with my wife before I take our puppy for a walk and start on breakfast 🙂

  138. To start the day, I wake up early and go outside to work out! I love being out in the sunshine and getting some vitamin D. I then make myself a nutritious smoothie and then get ready for my day ahead.

  139. My favourite way to wake up is to get up at 6:30 and do 20 minutes of yoga. I then have a relaxing shower before having a cup of my favourite tea of the moment with a slice of toasted spelt bread with butter, cinnamon, fresh honey and banana on top.

    1. Hi Skye, thanks so much for visiting CASA DE KARMA and entering this comp, however it closed last year. We do have 4 current competitions if you head to the WIN section of the site. Feel free to check those out and enter the ones that resonate with you :). Carly x

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