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ENTER NOW: How do you maintain your wellbeing during Winter? Tell us in 25 words or less. Submit your answer via the Comment Box below!

Start: 9am, Monday 1st June 2015. Close: Midnight Tuesday 30th June 2015.

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  1. During the winter months I love to rug up and go for long walks/runs, eat lots of warm nourishing food like soups and lots of chai & lemon and ginger. Also love hoping on the yoga mat.

  2. Eating nourishing meals with loads of vegetables and a bit of meat. Drinking ginger tea with a bit of honey. Lots of laughs and cuddles.

  3. By eating a variety of sensible foods and exercising regularly and special attention to hand washing before eating anything.

  4. I maintain my wellbeing through winter by taking long relaxing baths to keep the stress at bay and also lots of green tea to keep me feeling warm inside.

    1. By having long hot baths rigging up and having plenty of natural products, try and surround myself with positive rather then the negative and just keep my head up and moving forward, love using coconut oil really good to calm me down

  5. Starting each day with gratitude, followed by nutritious meals consisting of whole foods. Stay hydrated with water throughout the day, and being a friendly person.

  6. By taking time to meditate each afternoon, and taking my pup for adventures in parks and walks around my local area, we love the beaches around Jervis Bay!

  7. In winter I like to warm up with a tea of ginger mint lemon and honey. All fresh all deliciously warming! Spice up your life!

  8. I make sure I have healthy green smoothies to start the day. I make a lot of slow cooked paleo meals I have the full range of cookbooks.I also keep up the Vitamin C.

  9. I maintain my wellbeing in winter by cooking paleo meals & snacks, doing crossfit & taking olive leaf & vitamin c everday. I also like to include ginger, garlic & lemon in winter cooking to keep colds away.

  10. Enjoying warm Matcha tea lattes and have green smoothies everyday. My family is also transitioning to paleo for health & wellbeing

  11. Eating well, staying hydrated, socialising, getting enough sleep, soaking in as much sunshine available and staying active!

  12. rug up and walk along the beach, good air to clean the lungs, home to a nice warm tea and calming music, taking care of the mind the body and the soul.

  13. Firstly I have my flue shot the moment it’s ready then I soak up as much sun daily as possible really enjoy cooking this time of year exercise inside daily about 15 minutes makes it easier to get back into swimsuit come summer

  14. Any season I try to eat well and exercise a little everyday. For winter I make sure I have a flu shot (I’m well over 50 ), stay warm and avoid unnecessary crowds! I also drink more fresh ginger tea.

  15. I maintain my daily walk after dinner through Winter as well. I eat lots of soups and try to get some sunshine every day.

  16. Winter is the perfect season for porridge. Eating a warm bowlful on a cold morning isn’t just a delicious way to start your day, it also helps boost your intake of starchy foods and fibre.

  17. I believe I suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) so maintaining winter wellness for me is all about concentrating on mental health so I push myself to keep active physically and most importantly socially.

  18. Winter sun is best enjoyed on the lounge under a warm, wooly blanket. No guilt here because it doubles as warming tired muscles after my morning walk.

  19. walks along the beach, healthy wholesome food always within reach, lots of laughs with family to help keep stress low, moisturise so my skin glows

  20. hitting the treadmill early every morning, warms me up, gets the heartrate going and is a great start to the day.

  21. Walking! Lots of long country walks that I can’t do in summer because of snakes and the heat. I love winter!

  22. I maintain my wellbeing during Winter by eating healthily and exercising at least three times a week at the gym.

  23. By eating plenty of homemade soup made with vegg out of te garden with a side of cheese sticks and plenty of cuddles and laughs with the family

  24. In winter we tend not to drink much water, a squeeze of lemon in warm water is a great alternative and helps kickstart our body.

  25. By dancing around the house and doing the chores. Music is what gets me moving and feeling positive. Healthy mind, healthy body.

  26. Vitamin D supplements, chasing away Winter Blues,
    plenty of walking, healthy soups too!
    Regular moisturizing winter skin…
    and dancing in the rain like a kid!

  27. “A walk on the beach, meals packed with winter veggies, an afternoon with friends, a cup of Earl Grey…which reminds me, better book the hairdresser…”

  28. I always have a pot of soup bubbling away, I use ginger, turmeric and garlic liberally, and if I want to sleep more I do!

  29. Doing what I usually do and not be discouraged by the weather, layer up and go outside, take a walk or a ride, lots of winter fruit I do enjoy and vege soup for night time with the boy.

  30. Grow it, dry it, then nibble the winter away. I love making my own creations, with the kids involved it’s called play.

  31. Boosting my immunity, fresh veg and fruit.
    exercising, keep moving, no dispute.
    weight management, sleeping well
    staying hydrated, dont dwell!

  32. I don’t think of Winter as a negative, it’s more pleasant to be outdoors, and come home to freshly made soup!

  33. Lots of Heart Casseroles and adjusting my body to the cold by walking in the morning up our frosty paddock, awakens the senses and sets a great start for the day

  34. I drink more water than in summer and walk every day, when it rains I walk inside the house. NO EXCUSES!

  35. Plan to have a long weekend up in sunny Queensland in July to have a break from cold Melbourne weather.

  36. Love to keep warm with healthy vege homemade soups and detoxify my body with half a lemon squeezed every morning, due to less physical activity!!

  37. Eating healthy nutritious home cooked meals and walking every opportunity I can.
    Lots of fresh food and fresh air to fight the winter blues

  38. I find an indoor project to keep me entertained during the hibernation months. It could be craft activity or
    redesigning room inside.

  39. My new found best friend in the cupboard is Coconut oil, I use it in all my cooking, both deserts and savoury. I’m finding my hair, nails and whole body alive and well nourished.

  40. I only need three things to maintain my wellbeing: good sleep, hearty food and a short walks in the warm afternoon sun.

  41. As I do year round ,I love myself inside and out by eating nourishing, healthful foods, exercising and always having an optimistic frame of mind.

  42. exercise to get nice and warm
    Fresh food to nourish the body and soul
    Moisturiser to keep dryness away
    Enjoying incredivble winter days

  43. To still walk each morning before work and greet the day properly. It savours the moments, balances the mental loads and clears my cluttered headspace

  44. I get moving and exercise in the cold. It gives you a rush of endorphins which boosts mood, gets the blood pumping and heats up your skin.

  45. I maintain my wellbeing during Winter by getting my flu shot early, maintain my exercise routine and nurture my body with healthy, winter warming foods.

  46. Lots of great homemade soups and hearty stews, and I try and make sure I’m still getting outside even in the cold for some fresh air and exercise with the dogs and my kids

  47. Keeping hydrated, getting plenty of sleep and eating heaps of fruit and veggies to keep my immune strong over the cold months 🙂

  48. if its comfort food im craving, i make it a big full serve of a veggie soup and a small chocolate pudding, keep it real and still have a winter delight

  49. Pretend I’m a turnip…Stay warm, well watered, nourished by life around me and as healthy as the wholesome energy I give to others.

  50. By nourishing with healthy warming food, such as soups. Moisturizing my dry skin and wearing warm clothing . My kids’ hugs kept me going too.

  51. Some good foods and plenty of water, and some time for Yoga to relax, and walking and swimming to exercise.

  52. I change my diet to consuming healthy winter warmers which will leave me feeling fulfilled and warmed throughout the winter cold weather!

  53. Winter well being is a state of mind that says I deserve to be nurtured! Healthy foods, enough rest, pleasurable exercise, good company and a positive attitude make winter welcome!

  54. Eat real foods, drink warm water with lemon daily, do yoga, use essential oils, and get plenty of shuteye! Haven’t been sick in ages!

  55. Yoga, green smoothies and experimenting with different recipes for vegan snacks keeps me happy, motivated and healthy all winter long!

  56. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate over winter, keep yourself warm and enjoy warm stews with loads of vegetables and meat to keep you replenished and satisfied.

  57. I keep reminding myself that the SUMMER body is built in the WINTER.
    This guides my choices in nutrition, exercise, and wellbeing 🙂

  58. Walking! First thing in the morning, rugged up – umbrella if necessary – pounding the pavement early gets my exercise done and gets me energised for the rest of the day.

  59. Eating nutritious foods, drinking water with lemon slices, organic skin are regime, positive affirmations and getting adequate sleep.

  60. We hit the hot and spicy area of food stuffs pretty hard. Curries, Thai food with chilli….we basically indulge.

  61. Time to enjoy hot soups and laksa’s, full of fresh ingredients and lots of garlic, chilli and spices 🙂 And even though it is cold in the mornings, after 10 minutes of exercise you are all warm and active!

  62. I love to sit in the sauna every single day for at least 20 mins to sweat out all of my toxins! I follow that with a delicious bowl of fresh fruits, nuts & seeds, with a dash of raw yoghurt. I keep my intake of sugars as low as possible and I partake in a variety of delicious teas and soups!

  63. I do my cardio exercise inside to avoid the cold and getting sick. Cook lots of warm and tasty nutritional meals, but eat them while cuddled up in a blanket!

  64. I make sure I drink plenty of water. I eat heaps of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as taking daily vitamins! And I try to stay away from any sick people!

  65. I get outside in the fresh air well rugged up with the children and run around rather than being cooped inside all day.

  66. I fuel my body with the nutrition it needs to stay healthy and stave infection. If I succumb to one, I allow myself to rest.

  67. I try not to be discouraged by the weather and like to get outside and go for a long afternoon walk, followed by a nice hot bowl of soup.

  68. Washing your hands regularly helps keep those bugs away and eating a rainbow of vegetables everyday to keep that immune system well fed.

  69. I drink a lot of tea and soup, so my meals aren’t too heavy so I don’t feel guilty if I am too cold to exercise.

  70. Porridge everyday – such a supermeal! A mix of cardio to keep you warm, and plenty of full body planks!

  71. Hot yoga. Hot veggie soup. Hot Cacao. And cuddles with my hot man.
    Help keep winter warm and my wellbeing on track.

  72. Healing Chicken Soup made with Ginger, Tumeric, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Chicken Bone Broth, Sweet Potato and Coconut Cream

  73. with mandarin and oranges trees in the garden I eat heaps of fresh citrus as well as fresh greens from the veggie garden

  74. Lots of vitamin packed fruits for brekky, roast veggies and my favourite tomato and lentil soup! Plus some hot yoga and a beanie 🙂

  75. I don’t let my body go into hibernation mode, I exercise even harder during Winter to maintain my wellbeing. This way when the sun returns, I am bikini ready 😉

  76. Everything in moderation, I don’t succumb to all the tempting hearty yet delicious Winter treats like sticky date pudding and the list goes on

  77. I take away the winter blues by getting plenty of rest and eating warm comforting meals that nourish the soul.

  78. I walk more than in the summer – after all the weather means I can walk all day not just early and late. Plus I lunch on delicious home made vegetable based soups like Spicy Capsicum or Curried Pumpkin.

  79. I find it easier to maintain my wellbeing in winter because I love to exercise but find I get too hot and sweaty in the summer to do it with much pleasure. So winter’s the time I dig in and go for long walks in the cool air, and I love it!

  80. I do a 12 km walk every other day to collect the mail from our mail box, keeps me and my dogs fit and healthy

  81. It’s all about portion control. Don’t overeat just because its freezing cold and theres nothing else to do!

  82. Walking, cycling and running for exercise with some weights programming also. Then healthy balanced meals with Hearty Soups and Slow cooked casseroles being a firm family favourite

  83. I enjoy thick vegetarian soups with a lot spices such as garlic, tumeric, chilli and ginger. Seems to keep the bugs away everytime

  84. I start warming my winter days by drinking my home made bone broth every morning! The rest of the day is filled with healthy living and eating with my friends and family

  85. I have this crazy, portable 1-person far-infrared sauna that I love cranking during the Winter months. It makes me look like a Dr Who dalek, but man, it’s so instantly warming and an amazing boost to immunity and vitality!

  86. During winter my skin absorbs more vitamin D by sitting on the lawn first thing in the morning to soak in the rays.

  87. By keeping a warm cozy house, and eating lots of yummy food. (It is the perfect weather for Sunday Roasts).

  88. Every morning I start with a walk around the city to get the blood flowing, then I have a big glass of water with fresh lemon to rehydrate.

  89. Starting the day by witnessing the sun rise over the ocean. So many spectacular sunrises have turned into dreary grey days and if I had gotten up out of bed an hour later I would of missed the most perfect start to the day.

  90. Boost my supplement intake, more indoor exercise on the treadmill , prepare hearty meals with lots of vegetables .

  91. I try and eat a healthy home-cooked meal every night and do regular exercise when the children are in bed, but I do find running around after them all day is sometimes enough exercise for a week! And most importantly I give my body the chance to re-energise and relax with a bubbly bath every night and candles!

  92. I do aqua aerobic s and pilates 6 times a week and eat a healthy balanced diet, to maintain a healthy body and mind

  93. Meditation soothes the Soul,
    Replenished with H2O,
    Nutritional intakes, lushly green,
    Supplemented with herbal teas,
    Walks and Sun soaked play,
    Heart’s singing each Winter’s day!

  94. For my wellbeing during winter I stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water I find that the cold can dry your body out! I also eat a lot of fruit & veggies and still hit the gym early morning. Eating good foods and working out has kept me feeling good and free from getting sick.

  95. I slow cook so I have healthy meals to avoid those tempting hot chips and exercise at lunchtime when it’s light outside.

  96. I watch a lot of Comedy, I try to have a balanced diet and I love to snuggle up with a good book and tea.

  97. Tuna becomes my best friend and making fresh juices from the start to the end. Rugging up for a jog never goes afar, and trying to stay clear of a chocolate bar.

  98. Morning walks and meditation, these are the best ways to find concentration. To be with family and eat good food.

  99. I nourish my body with warming, hearty meals – starting with a big bowl of hot porridge with poached fruit each day!

  100. I dust off the workout DVDs so freezing temps are no excuse. Burning coconut scented candles fills the house with the smell of summer.

  101. In bed early, even if i’m just reading. Warm socks, housework sorted and meals like curries and soups made on the weekend for a week of meals.

  102. Warm lemon water! Motivational mantras stuck on my walls. I invest in warm exercise gear, to ensure I never have the “it’s too cold” excuse.

  103. Vegan eating, donating anything that no longer serves a purpose (to charity), and freestyle dancing around the house. Gratitude, kindness, expression. Mind and senses purified.

  104. A month or season should not define your being. Treat every month as though the sun is shining and there is a spring in your step.

  105. You needn’t face that weather to maintain your wellbeing! A healthy meal in the oven and yogilates on the TV – that’s how YOU win!

  106. I love to cycle and that is one thing which is really hard to do when the sun is burning. Just get out there and enjoy!

  107. Balance at work with eating well and getting out of your desk and a good walk around. lots of body and face moisturising also!

  108. I keep warm with homemade soups and stews, woolen blankets, crackling fires, hot tea, long baths, hikes, Pilates and special time with friends and family.

  109. I head to the beach for a walk that clears my mind.I rug-up in my warm dressing gown,slippers for the evening.

  110. My success to wellbeing is feeling like superwoman I’m all set up for super foods, high adventures, excitement and romance.

  111. I love hot drinks during the winter. To reduce my sugar and caffeine intake I indulge on different types of herbal teas throughout the day.

  112. Like a bear I’m not afraid to put on a little healthy weight in the winter! I swap running for long walks too!

  113. To stay healthy and keep your well being awesome this winter just make sure you still take fruits that are on season, and i know it’s super cold but fruits are great specially with yoghurt and walnuts to keep you energised!
    Also keep yourself warm and cosy at night, to avoid getting bad colds.
    Snacks for winter also include, nuts, hot-chocolate with marshmallows or roasted marshmallows, fruits, dried fruits, and lots of soups and water of course! keep yourself hydrated <3
    Wear fluffy clothing, and even go running or walking in the early morning to feel great after wards! and go shopping if it a rainy day instead of staying at home feeling bored and lazy!

  114. Staying hydrated I drink because it’s to easy to forget because it’s not hot. Hair and Skin moisturising because heating and wind dries significantly.

  115. Green tea and gratitude to nourish the soul. Delicious wholefoods to nourish the body and a glass of red to soothe the winter blues.

  116. By going out for walks after work and keeping up with eating plenty of veggies, soups are ideal! A great focus for me since I’m expecting bubs number one!

  117. Hearty soups, a morning run,
    take the stairs to work,
    it’s al in good fun,
    to maintain my well being this Winter season!

  118. Healthy warm soups, hearty meals, long runs. Umm NO. Unfortunately I become a sloth lazing on the couch, heater on, many blankets and a book. O.o

  119. Make the most of the daylight hours and get outside in the fresh winter air! Eat hearty soups and winter veggies to stay healthy!

  120. Low Carb Hi Fat,
    Healthy eating is where I’m at.
    Coconut oil and almond meal
    Seeds and nuts so good I feel

  121. I do my best to make sure I eat well and get good sleep. Having the right nutrients in my diet makes a huge difference.
    Would so LOVE this

  122. I keep Active and i love using my Nutribullet, the only way i can get all my fruits and vege into me.

  123. By staying in bed until 10am, i avoid the chilly mornings and get that extra sleep my body needs to protect me from harmful germs.


  125. Strive to eat right , make time to play; Attempt to keep, nasties at bay; Aim to improve the mind, body and soul; Overall, maintain control.

  126. I adapt to the season…Hearty soups, home gym and my indoor hobbies keep my mind, body and spirit in good shape during winter! 🙂

    Healthy food, tea beautifully brewed
    Keep fit- a fashionable knit
    Have a laugh, diary entry or paragraph
    Smile- freestyle down the shopping aisle.

  128. Turn the heater down, too much heat can create extra germs, put on a jacket, head outside and go for a refreshing walk

  129. I take advantage of nice days to go for a walk, on rainy cold days I get out my Leslie Sansone Walking DVDs to keep fit.

  130. Staying hydrated is my tip. Hard to do in winter when all we want to do is keep warm, but essential for a healthy mind and body

  131. I love to go running, while its hard to get up in the cold, once you start you warm up and can really enjoy the scenery and the cool weather! I always run my personal bests in winter!

  132. I remain hydrated, exercise with walks or yoga, continue planning warm healthy dishes, have green tea and enjoy dark chocolate as a treat.

  133. Nourishing fresh foods combined with a good restful sleep helps me keep on top of feeling well over winter. Plus warm hearty casseroles rock!

  134. Warm soups and lovely steamed green veggies and long hot baths I love warm lemon water of a morning to help cleanse my body of toxins

  135. I make sure I eat properly – soups are great when it’s cold! And I drink lots of tea and keep hydrated!

  136. Morning starts with fresh juice blast with nuts and seeds and spinach. Lots of vegies with dinner. Keeping warm with jackets and socks and slippers

  137. I would love to try so many of these products and learn to cook so many more things with the recipe books

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