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CLOSED: Win an Essential Oils Necklace by Clarified Designs

Winner: Kristy Nicholson

Kristy’s answer: They’ve infused my life with a greater sense of wellbeing as they’ve awakened my senses, whether that’s lavender for relaxing or citrus to refreshingly uplift.

To celebrate the launch of the CASA DE KARMA Podcast Series we’ve partnered with our friends at Clarified Designs to bring you this beautiful giveaway. For your chance to win, keep reading and enter below.

Have you listened to the very first holistic health chat in our podcast series yet? Recently many of you in the tribe here at CDK said that you wanted to know more about essential oils. So we listened and in the first podcast we’ve covered everything you need to know about essential oils such as what to look out for when buying them, which oils to use for which problems and situations, and exactly how they can be helpful. You can listen to it now, here.

Learn more about Clarified Designs and their range of essential oil necklaces here.

Competition details:

  • Start: 5pm Sunday 3rd April 2016.
  • Close: Midnight Sunday 1st May 2016.
  • Winner announcement: One lucky winner will be announced on this page and contacted via email, by 5pm Wednesday 4th May 2016.

How to enter:

Via the comment section below, in 25 words or less, tell us why you love essential oils. We’ll be looking for answers that share the benefits you’ve experienced or the impact they’ve had on your holistic health journey.

Note: By entering this competition you agree to the competition terms and conditions, and to receiving the exclusive CASA DE KARMA newsletter with latest holistic health inspiration, goodness & giveaways.

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  1. Essential oils are the silent achievers helping me stay calm , and relaxed , the perfect detox for my mind body and soul !

  2. Essential oils help me reach the ultimate relaxation experience, especially combined with a healing massage. Divine!!

  3. The essential oils in my chakra spray remind me of my beautiful friend! Because they smell like her and bring back fun memories at Wanderlust together

  4. I’ve used essential oils as a mother of 3 for 14 years, from baby massage to now mood enhancing and calming in my teenage son.

  5. Essential oils regularly help to calm my anxiety, relax me and helps me sleep at night; without essential oils I’d be lost.

  6. I love frankincense for it’s anti-ageing & healing benefits. I use lemongrass in the steam diffuser at home for a mood pick-me-up!

  7. Essential oils have helped me to remove all the prescription drugs from my home and for my family to be happier and healthier in the most natural way possible!

  8. Essential oils offer a natural alternative and save me from reaching for painkillers. I personally love peppermint as it helps with headaches and alertness.

  9. I love that essential oils can lift my mood, calm me, relax me, invigorate me and stimulate me – just amazing!

  10. Essential oils have seen me through life’s trials and joys, but I’ve particularly appreciated their anti anxiety benefits through stresses like emigration, redundancy and PND.

  11. Essential oils always help to bring me back from anxiety attacks and ground me in their beautiful scent! Lifesavers, they are.

  12. I love using essential oils because they improve my meditation routine in the morning and before bed. They allow me to breathe easy and relax.

  13. Essential Oils are awesome for overall health,they can help in so many ways,from relieving stress and headaches to helping with anxiety and depression.

  14. Love how they are all natural and how I can use them everyday to relax and unwind or to treat varying ailments for the family.

  15. Would love to try neroli for healing in the necklace. I love argan and lavendar oil. Great for skin and a beautiful fragrance.

  16. I love that they are able to assist in calming my anxiety when my medications, and meditation alone are not helping.

  17. I love how versatile essential oils are. From making my house smell divine to relaxing and soaking in the tub.

  18. Essential oils are so beneficial for your health and are mind food for your soul. Orange essential oil has been an asset for me with cleaning and spiders hate it also so that is a bonus!

  19. My collection of essential oils have helped soothe my chronic pain and also calm me down during accupuncture sessions which used to make me anxious.

  20. Since being diagnosed with a chronic illness and being left looking for alternative therapies to provide comfort, essential oils have given that so much.

  21. Essential oils such as the ones mentioned by Carly & Carolyn, are a natural healing agent that rejuvenate, hydrate and regenerate the body.

  22. I have anxiety attacks here and there and through meditating and using essential oils i’m able to stay a bit more calm and keep my mind at peace

  23. As a mum with two disabled kids, this energetic and vibration of essential oil necklace by Francesca +Rachel would provide positive vibration healing my heart and chakra.

  24. Massaging a drop of lavender oil on my temples after a day on the trading floor calms my thoughts and ensures a good night sleep

  25. What I love about essentials oils this that there so many applications. My favorite was my Lavender Monster Spray for my children when they were young. They still talk about it and how it help them sleep. They now use essential oils in there daily life.

  26. I would love to win this essential oil gift as i find oils relaxing and they drift me off to a pleasant place and well being.

  27. It helps me Internal to External Beauty,
    let me Glow from Within from Emotionally, Mentally & Physically.

  28. Essential oils give me health
    Healthy life is the best wealth
    I love the aroma in my home
    Gets me in the zone

  29. Essential oils are indispensable. Place some drops on a tissue and breathe it in to soothe, aid in sleeping, relieve congestion and combat stale air.

  30. A beautifully relaxing blend of essential oils provide calm, soothing captivation from anxiety, depression and regular pain – thankful to have wondrous hope and health inspiration.

  31. Essential oils help reset my whole physical, emotional and spiritual being when stress, work and pollution take their toll on it on a daily basis. They are my lifesavers.

  32. I love essential oils because they leave you feeling relaxed, make the room smell delicious, you don’t need much of it and it’s long lasting.

  33. Essential oils are a life source to me and my family. I can medicate everyone by diffusing them into the air, sharing safely their worldly magic. Uplifting and inspiring goodness.

  34. I’m a guy who feels connected to the earth by having oils around the house and on my body. It makes me feel soooo goood.

  35. *Sings*
    A holistic girl
    Loving oils in my world
    Not stored in plastic
    It’s fantastic

    Oil scent in the air
    Skin, hair, everywhere

  36. I love Eucalyptus Essential oil. When have sinus or my Asthma is playing up it helps me breathe easier. I can put and other essential oils in my washing to give my clothing a beautiful perfum and have the smell nice not like a bag of chemicals. I also use Eucalyptus oil in te water when washing my floors. I also use it or Melaleuca in my car essential oil “burner” to help keep me clear headed and alert while drivng.
    Essential oils are a wonderful gift that I feel is the key to life 🙂

  37. I’ve learned that essential oils should just be called Liquid Gold. They affect every part of your being from your cells to your soul!

  38. Citrus blends are my favourite, I find they stimuate my mind, I am much more creative and can visualise things and better ways to create.

  39. Essential oils, an integral part of my life. Assisting my general well being, uplift my spirits. Tapping into my central self is essential.

  40. Lovely lavender for good sleep and on my temples, bergamot to help me smell male, and peppermint to ease asthma and relieve sore feet

  41. Essential oils have helped me relax during my pregnancy. After I gave birth I have found that they have invigorating properties too which have really helped me as a first time mum 🙂

  42. They are Gods medicine and have helped to heal what allopathic medicine can not giving me hope and my life back. Can’t live without them.

  43. I find scent to be the most powerful sense. When I’m depressed, burning certain oil that reminds me of fond memories eases my mood.

  44. I love the feeling of being creative when creating recipes with essential oils as well as reducing the use of chemicals in my life.

  45. My son suffered badly with eczema and we struggled using everything the chemist had! Tried nutrionists, to no avail. Finally saw a naturopath who studied him, his eating habits and provided natural oils for his bath and massage. 11 years later, no eczema to be seen!

  46. When things get too much I love that essential oils calm and cure, taking me to a special place where everything’s safe and sound.

  47. Essential oils for the home and car
    Make us healthier and happier by far
    from, Eucalyptus for runny nose
    to, Fresh spring smell of a rose

  48. I love to surround myself with different Essential Oils for different occasions: be it to uplift me, relax me or to clear a headache.

  49. Living in a busy hectic household with small children and but big havoc I always burn my favourite citrus blend oils when we have guests over as they walk into our home consumed with the freshness and only see clean and tidy.

  50. They’ve infused my life with a greater sense of wellbeing as they’ve awakened my senses, whether that’s lavender for relaxing or citrus to refreshingly uplift

    1. Congratulations Kristy, you’re the lucky winner :). That’s fantastic that you’ve found essential oils to give you a greater sense of wellbeing, hopefully the necklace coming your way supports your wellbeing too! Keep an eye out in your inbox for details on the next steps 🙂

  51. Essential Oils are natures gift to us! From medicinal & cleaning properties, to the use in spiritual work! Essential Oils are a must for every household!

  52. They are healing and helping (tea tree and eucalyptus!). Lemon is anti-bacterial and smells wonderful. And great for massage and relaxation too!

  53. Smelling essential oils, transports me into an inner imagined, peaceful and natural place. I love how their scents prompt me to smile.

  54. Essential oils smell and amazing and can help you relax and have your home smelling lovely. They improve you mood and your surroundings. Just love essential oils,

  55. Essential oils are all you need for a first aid kit- lavender, tea tree, and eucalyptus oils.

  56. I’ve been using them for years for my own wellbeing, in particular to combat anxiety. They provide me with an avenue for mental release and reassurance and make me stop for a moment to appreciate the stillness in this hectic world.

  57. I have been hearing about essential oils, and know they were used in my family. When I was a child, my grandmother used them. Now I am the grandmother and have an illness that I am told would benefit from essential oils.

  58. Essential oils allow me to escape into a world of glamour. Fascinate, charm, dazzle and allure.

    1. Hey Cleo, this comp is now closed (it finished on the 1st May). If you love essential oils you might like to listen to our recent podcast or for more comps, check out the WIN tab in the navigation bar. Be sure to join up to receive our email updates or follow us on Facebook or Instagram, as our tribe is the first to know about new health inspo & giveaways :).

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