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Yoga For Detoxification & Digestion

The thought of actually detoxifying through yoga can sound a little confusing, right? 

The word “detox” has been overly used in this decade, as it’s a great money maker! Thanks to the many different juice cleanses, various products and essential oils, “detoxing” has made a big name for itself.

However what we really need to do, is understand detoxification as a whole. Detoxification of toxins happens in our bodies daily. It occurs through our lymphatic system and our liver.

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What’s the best way to detox the body?

The best way we can detoxify our body is by aiding the tools we already have. How do we do this? Firstly, we need to eat clean. Our liver is already storing and processing our macronutrients, but the addition of additives and processed foods can hinder its function. So think about eating more vegetables, fruits, whole grains and hormone-free meats (and less of the other stuff).

We also need to drink plenty of water! Seriously, how much water have you drank today? Get another litre in before the day is done!

Lastly, we need to focus on movement to help our body detoxify, and this is where the yoga comes in. Our lymphatic system, unlike the cardiovascular system has no “pump” (like the heart) in order to push our wastes out. This means we need to walk, run, yoga, dance, just move!

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With this in mind, this particular yoga sequence that I’ve developed, is a fast-flowing yoga class to help push the body and move the lymphatic system. As well, these focus on targeting our core body and the digestive system. Focus on your breath. Be sure to let go of every last bit of breath, in order to be able to take full fresh breaths which can fully oxygenate the body.

Yoga for detoxification & digestion

Note: If you’d find it helpful, before we get started, scroll down to read through a brief break down about the poses in this class. Otherwise, grab a mat and your props, and let’s get started. Once we’re finished let me know how you went, via the comment section below – I love hearing your feedback and am happy to answer any questions.

About each pose:

1. Laying knee to chest – while the right knee hugged in helps massage the ascending colon, the left side helps massage the descending colon. This is a great warm up pose to help push our digestion and start the day. Close down the eyes and focus on your grip strength around the leg. Soften the body as much as you can while gripping tightly to the knee. We want to signal to the body that we can still relax with a small degree of pressure. How do you think this could help you in your daily life?

2. Childs Pose – this pose allows not just our blood but our energy to rush back to our Third Eye, our Chakra for wisdom and intuition. Allow the body to soften and relax. While we stimulate this point, its often beneficial to remind ourselves that everything is unfolding just as it should. Breath deeply into the belly to help ignite our digestion.

3. Wide Leg Foward-Fold – This pose is excellent for digestion as it helps to add pressure to our belly, while aiding in flexibility for the hamstrings, hips and lower back. Make sure to microbend the knees so that we can get deeper into the lower back. This is the most common mistake, focusing on legs over back. Always prioritise to relieve the back pain most of us have!

4. Shoulder Stand or Legs up in air – This pose is great as once again it draws the energy down to our digestion and also our mind. Make sure to support the lower with your hands and try to stack the hips on top of the elbows. Imagine a pile of books is stacked on your feet to make sure the legs do not fall diagonally.

5. Twists – Often done at the end of class, this pose has the theory in Aryvedic medicine to “rinse out the negative energies in the chakras”. This is a great last pose to also stimulate the digestion. Take your time and make sure to look in the opposite direction allowing the spine to fully rinse. Keep the shoulders anchored on the floor so that the neck can relax.

Still want additional support for your natural detox plan? You may like some of these products (think Pukka tea, Supercharged Gut Powder, Chlorella and clay face masks!).

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P.S. Who do you know that might find this detoxifying yoga sequence beneficial? Be a pal and share it with them now 🙂

Leanne Gerich
Leanne Gerich Holistic Nutritionist, TCM Practitioner & Yoga Instructor

Leanne’s holistic approach is unique for each individual as she educates and supports her clients in creating balance via diet, exercise & healthy living habits. She commonly works with clients to balance stress issues, skin problems, weight loss, digestive issues, sleep issues and blood sugar/energy balance problems.

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  1. I have wondered how does yoga detoxify the body. Thank you for explaining and for specific yoga poses to detoxify the liver or promote movement and flow rather :). I like your refreshing and informative message about detoxing too. We need more experts spreading this word, and less brands promoting dangerous cleansing products and regimes.

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