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5 Tips For An Effective Yoga Practice At Home

Whether you’re new to yoga or you are a seasoned yogi, you must try a yoga practice at home – it’s sooo worth it! 

First, here’s 4 reasons why you absolutely should start a yoga practice at home. Then see my top tips to help you get started below.

  1. It will help strengthen the ‘yoga glow’ you feel after your teacher-led class.
  2. You’ll start to feel more in-tune with what your body and mind really need from yoga
  3. You can spend as little or as long as you like in your favourite poses
  4. When you practice regularly with yourself, the effects of each class / taught session don’t have a chance to wear off before you return.

Here’s my top 5 tips (and you’re ultimate checklist really) for when rolling out your yoga mat at home:

Tip #1: Location, location, location

Choose an appropriate spot in your home for practice. An uncluttered space in the living room (even if that means moving kids toys out of the way!), on the floor beside your bed or out in the garden are all good options. Make sure the temperature of your space is ‘just right’. Outside can be nice too, provided you are protected from the sun and bugs.

Tip #2: Have your props ready for your practice

Mat, eye pillow, blanket, towel, cushions etc. Yoga props will really enhance your experience, particularly if you are setting up for a blissful home restorative session. If you don’t have your own props, it’s time to get creative! – use rolled blankets or sofa cushions for a yoga bolster, wrap 2-3 novels together in a pillowslip to act as a block, use a tie or belt for a yoga strap, and a clean wash-cloth can double as an eye-pillow.

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Tip #3: Amp up the ‘Omm-biance of your space by minimising distractions

Phone and television off, fridge shut (mine beeps when you leave the door open!) and let those around you know you’d like to be uninterrupted for a little while. Cue some gentle music if you fancy, or even get a nice candle or incense stick burning (away from anything where it could catch alight though!). Also be realistic about how long you can spend in your home practice and how often you’ll roll out your mat – if  5 or 10 minutes is all you can get without distractions, that’s perfect – even 5 minutes every other day will bring benefits. Yes really.

Tip #4: Have a rough plan of the poses you’ll practice

Begin seated and enjoy some stillness and quiet to slow the breath and set the scene for your practice. Then, choose a few poses you are familiar with, and always finish with basic rest pose (Savasana) – check out my post on Yoga Nidra – guided meditation to achieve relaxation, it’s a great way to finish (or even start) your practice. Most teachers would be delighted for students to practice at home and happy to suggest a few poses or a basic sequence. Or take it to the web. Yup, if you want some yoga to help you sleep or ease a cranky back, let your fingers do the tapping and you may find a suitable recorded sequence you can follow in front of your computer or phone. Here’s 2 other articles that might help you find the yoga poses that resonate with you:

Tip #5: (Most importantly), just start.

5 Tips for an effective Yoga Practice at Home
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I hope you’re inspired to dust of your mat, clear some space, and practice. If you have any questions, reach me via the comments below – I’d love to hear from you.

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Bronni Page Yoga Teacher

Bronni wants to live in a world where calm is ‘in’ and chaos is ‘out’! Her teaching style blends deliciously restful poses with seriously soothing ambience. Her students love her personal attention and gentle approach. When she’s not playing with yoga props, you can find her searching out the best cappuccino in town.

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  1. Your DIY versions of props are such good ideas, I’m so going to try them, thank you.

    1. Thanks Camille. I love DIY-ing yoga props,it’s amazing what you can come up with with a little imagination! Enjoy your practice.